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     Welcome to New Poets Press, the home of something
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"Civilizations are measured not by the world
in which they live, but how they perceive the
in which they live"

     Are you a poet looking for something new and fresh?
Does your poetic muse beg for a chance to speak?  Are
you interested in getting your poems published? Or are
you interested in poetry because of its simple beauty?

     Here is your chance to contribute perceptions on specific
images that will offer future generations a greater depth of
understanding and an appreciation of how we viewed the
world in which we lived.

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     We are here for you Poets and those who simply love
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http://www.newpoetspress.com/           1. Kevin Sorbello, 1999 JMO paper, submitted towards M.A.
                                                                                    in National Security and Strategic Studies from the
                                                                                    Naval War College, Newport, R.I.