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We at New Poets Press wish to apologize for the
confusion created by our first attempt at choosing
poems for publication.  A combination of personal
tragedy, financial restraints and poets who did not provide
sufficient information to allow our contacting them, resulted
in delays sufficient to kill the first attempt at going to press.

We have taken a different approach this time, concentrating
on getting selected poems out where people may enjoy them
our first priority.  We will, at some time in the future, create
a collection of these poems and publish them hardbound.
Those poets who were chosen as the best on each image
will receive their free copy of the publication.

In the meanwhile, the poets selected will be provided a
venue (our website) to be recognized for their contribution.

    [Man and Dog]  selections still being made, submit now!

    [Girl and Rose]   selections still being made, submit now!

    [Mare and Colt] selections still being made, submit now!     

    [Boy and Dog]     selections still being made, submit now!

    [Sailing]  selections still being made, submit now!   

     [Sunrise/Sunset]  selections still being made, submit now!

     Poets selected for our publication are notified by email
along with a request for a brief biography.  All you need do
to submit is write and send us your poems! Again, selected
poets receive a free copy of the book containing their poem
when published. Those poems selected for publication will
be listed in our Winner's Circle.

     Poets not selected may receive comments on request,
but the fact that your poem is not selected is not an indication
of anything actually "wrong" with your poem. We are looking
for a variety of styles, forms and perceptions.  Remember, all
poets who submit their poems will be listed in the back of each
publication to which they submitted. This is our way of saying
thank you for your efforts.

     We update our pictures from time to time, so there are
many chances to submit.

     We publish collections of images and poems on a variety
of themes.  If you have ideas for future themes or wish to
submit pictures for publication, please read the applicable
section under Terms

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