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Poetry Anthologies:

The Norton Anthology of Poetry, fourth ed.
Ferguson, Salter and Stallworthy 
W.W. Norton & Company, New York, NY

      One of the two most comprehensive collections
      of poetry.   Used  as a reference in college
      courses on poetry (the Oxford Anthology is the
      other great collection used).  For example: a
      book on poetry might cite Eliot's The Waste
as O2.1993/N1244; indicating the
      Oxford and Norton Anthology numbers for
      reference. Covers poetry chronologically from
      Gregorian Chant to present day forms.

The Best Loved Poems of the American People
Hazel Fellerman
Doubleday, New York, NY

      575 Poems catagorized by theme, and indexed
      by author and first line. Ms. Fellerman was an
      editor of the Queries and Answers page of the
      New York Times Book Review for fifteen years.
      The poems in this Anthology represent those
      most requested during that time. An excellent
      collection of "Poems that tell a Story."

Immortal Poems of the English Language
Oscar Williams
Washington Square Press, New York, NY

       Probably the most popular anthology due to
       its size (paperback), coverage and cost.  447
       poems by 150 poets, indexed by author and
       first line; organized by author.  

Library of World Poetry
William Cullen Bryant
Avenel Books, New York, NY

       A more obscure anthology, strong in older
       and more traditional poetry. Organized by
       theme, indexed by author and first line.
       Considered by some to be the "choicest and
       most complete general collection" of poetry
       written in the English language.

Castle Books, Secaucus, NJ   

       If there was ever a book that was the "book
       to end all books" on Limericks, this is it. 1700
       examples with notes, variants and index.
       Perhaps only matched by the Bawdy  Bedside
for comprehensive treatment of this
      often maligned form of poetry.

Books:                               (top of page)

The Haiku Seasons, Poetry of the Natural World
William J Higginson
Kodansha America, New York, NY

        Higginson is considered one of the foremost
        authorities on Haiku, Hokku, and Senryu.  
        This is the book following his famous The
        Haiku Handbook: How to write, Share,
        and Teach Haiku
.  Also by Higginson is his
        Wind in the Long Grass, now part of some
        classroom reading programs for elementary
        school children.  A solid book for anyone
        interested in this elegant form of poetry.

The Poetry Handbook
John Lennard
Oxford University Press, New York, NY

        The subtitle says it all: "A guide to reading
        poetry for pleasure and practical criticism."
        This is a real nuts-and-bolts book for those
        who want to know all the parts and styles of
        poetry.  We have yet to find a more compact,
        concise treatment of the subject.  All aspects
       of poetry are explored in detail that is easy to
        follow and understand.  Examples are
        provided for every style and mode imaginable.
        Ever wonder about feet, meter, voice, cadence
        ...or wonder what the heck was a Villanelle?  
        This is a wonderful and helpful book for any
        serious student of the craft.

Creating Poetry
John Drury
Writer's Digest Books, Cincinnati, Ohio

        This is a wonderful "how to" book on writing
        poetry.  It contains a great variety of forms and
        prompts the reader/writer to excersize them in
        a simple, helpful way that is sure to sharpen
        many a poetic pen.  It does not try to replace
        inspiration, it simply provides a mechanism for
        honing the technique and craft, while expanding
        the poets understanding of the art.  This is an
        excellent book for the beginning, intermediate
        and serious poet.   

Dictionary of Eponyms
Martin H Manser
Wordsworth Editions Ltd., Herferdshire, Great Britain

        This is a reference book of eponyms: words
        derived from names. This book comes in handy
        when the need for double meanings is at hand,
        or where the origin of a word is as important as
        its literal meaning. A handy tool for those who
        use or would like to use eponyminous words.

Mother Tongue, English & How It Got That Way
Bill Bryson
Avon Books, New York, NY

        Any student of literature, poetry or language
        will absolutely love this book. This is one of
        those books that is simultaneously entertaining
        and educational. Bryson covers the history of
        the English language in such a way that anyone
        who can read will appreciate the role fate
        played in the way we use our language. More
        than just why knife and knight are spelled with
        a "K"; find out why we use an "S" to make
        words plural.

Poet's Market (by year)
Christine Martin
Writer's Digest Books, Cincinnati, OH

        For those interested in getting their work
        published, this is the book that tells who who is
        out there, what they're looking for in the way
        of poetry, how they want it submitted, where
        and when to submit it.  Published each year with
        updated information, it is "the" book on
        publishing poetry.  Over 1700 listings, covering
        everything from newsletters, contests, magazines,
        books, etc.

The Portable Poe
Philip Van Doren Stern
The Viking Press, New York, NY

        What can I say?  Poe is my favorite author and
        under-appreciated genius. This particular book
        includes letters written by him and to him, along
        with critical reviews and editorials by Poe. How
        many people realize that Poe was the first
        "detective", using his deductive skills to actually
        solve an unsolved murder.  Read this book and
        you'll understand more about the man with sad
        eyes than you ever dreamed.

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