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What's Different About New Poets Press?

     We started New Poets Press in response to the
growing need for quality works of poetry in our society.
We could have taken a well travelled road, but decided
there were already enough publishers around that served
up the standard products.  
We wanted something different.

     Being poets ourselves, we were very much aware
with the often frustrating world of publishers, poets and
stale ideas.  We decided to start a company that would
care less for a poet's credentials and prior publishing
accomplishments, than the quality of their current project;
to start a company based on the power of perspective,
rather than the ability of the artist to come up with an
original thought that only they could convey in a singular

     Our approach is both simple and powerful: we
provide the theme, you provide the perspective
.  We
combine the various perspectives with the inspiring image
as a collection of images and poems that will be divided
into various collective themes.  This serves not only today's
audience, but future society by providing insights into the
way we perceived our world.

     Our "submissions" are really a venue for you poets to
express impressions and inspirations on the images we
provide.  We will sort through the submissions and choose
the ones we feel best represent both the image and our
culture.  We do not specify any particular form or style as
that would be modifying the creative process we're trying
to preserve for posterity.  We also have left out any
amplification or background to the images as life does not
normally supply such information; we see a scene or image,
then it is gone, leaving us with only our memory and the
impressions it left in its passing.  

     We are proud of our company and hope you find a
source of inspiration from our images, our tips on writing
and publishing, and make full use of our Reference section.
This website is here to serve you as well our publishing
efforts. The better you become as poets, the better the
poems you will provide our society and our publication.

     We care about your interests and what you think about
our website. Please feel free to provide Feedback on what
you enjoy or wish we'd improve upon.  The better we serve
you, the better our final product.

     We offer the normal gambit of trinkets (T-Shirts, cups,
etc.) at Our Store, along with copies of our publications.  
We are, after all, a commercial enterprise and exist on our
sales alone.  We produce only high quality merchandise as
we intend them to be around for a long while.  

     Our Poetic Links section provides a source of other
poetic websites that we hope you'll enjoy.

     We will consider publishing full works by select authors
if the quality of their work is considered sufficient to market.  
Although we currently have no plans to publish chap books,
these too could be a future possibility.  

     You can see by our Terms that we want you to be as
proud of our publications as we are.  If you spend the time
and effort to write poems of high quality, why shouldn't you
see them well bound and available at a reasonable price?  
Our books will be one you want to display and leave around
for your friends and family to enjoy, not just because your
poem was chosen, but because the poems chosen and the
images they describe are of sufficient merit to warrant its
display.  Remember: Names of ALL CONTRIBUTING
will be listed in the back of the book, not just
those selected
.  This is our way of saying "thank you" for
contributing to history.

     Please enjoy both our website and our products.  Feel free
to tell your friends and family of our enterprise and the services
we provide.  Should you have any specific questions about
poetry or poets in general, feel free to put forth your questions
in "Ask Us".

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