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     Submit poems via the email link provided under the
individual images in our Submissions link. Submit as many
poems on any image as you like.  There are no limitations
on form, style, length or number of submissions.  Rhyme
and Free Verse matter less than content, so don't be
afraid to be creative.

     New Poets Press claims First American Serial rights
while the poet retains all other rights to their work/s.  All
poems must be original or must include a statement
indicating where and when previously published.  Submit
only YOUR OWN POEMS or those poems which you
still retain all rights.  New Poets Press will not publish any
poem in a different anthology or on a different commercial
medium without expressed permission from the Poet.
Future inclusion into other anthologies or commercial
products will be negotiated separately with the Poet.

     Poets are paid for the use of their poems by having
their poem displayed on our website and by receiving
one free copy of the book in which their poem appears
if and when published.  Poets will receive this one free
copy only if their poem is selected as a full page item
(first place winners).  Hard copy publication will depend
on quality and volume of submissions.  New Poets Press
makes no promise that any poem will be published in a
hardbound edition, only that if such a publication is made,
those poets selected as first place winners will be
compensated by a free copy of said publication.
limit one copy for each publication.  However,
This is our
way of saying "thank you" for taking the time and effort
to write a poem on our images.

     Poets selected to have their works published must be
prepared to submit a photo and a brief biography.  The
Editors of New Poets Press retains the right to edit the
details of any biography.  Poets will receive a copy of their
biography as it will be published, to which the poet will
have 10 working days to reply.  If no reply is received, the
biographies will be published as submitted.

Photos                                   (top of page)

     Photos are submitted under the same guidelines as
poems with the exception that New Poets Press retains
the right to reprint for purposes of advertising without
additional compensation to the submitting photographer.
Future inclusion into other anthologies or commercial
products will be negotiated separately with the

     Photos may be submitted by email, but all photos
chosen for use must be accompanied by a negative and
a statement from the photographer that this is an original
photo, or in the case of a photo of a sculpture, painting
or other work of art, a release from the object's creator
that allows the photo to be used without compensation
from New Poets Press.

General Guidelines            (top of page)

     We are looking for original works.  Plagiarism is illegal.
Rhymed poetry should be well crafted. References should
not be too obscure.  Poets are free to submit footnotes to
their poems if such notes are deemed necessary to the
poems understanding, however, a basic rule of thumb is
that if you have to explain it, it's probably too obscure.

     Don't feel intimidated if you're new to writing poetry.  
One of our publisher's won second place in a national
competition with their very first poem.  Sometimes the
freshest view comes from the freshest pen, so try your
hand and may your muse be with you.  

Ask additional questions via Feedback
or Ask Us.

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