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 Please visit these other fine poetry sites
Chat with poets, post poems and events, submit a poem of the
day, and sign up to recieve a personal webpage!  Good
collection of poetic links too!

The Academy of American Poets
Poetry, contests, reviews.

Gwenllian's Poetry Primer
An introduction to Welsh Poetic forms by Katherine L. Bryant.
A wonderful reference to those interested in the very complex
and powerful forms of Welsh poetry.  While not claiming to be
an expert in Welsh poetry, she provides the most comprehensive
explanation of this little known form of poetry that we at NPP
were able to find (in English) on the web.  A must see for those
who think they've seen it all.

Monkey Kettle
One in awhile you find a poetry magazine that pushes the envelope.
Such is the case with Monkey Kettle, a poetry/prose magazine
published quarterly having a fresh, gritty, cutting-edge feel.  This is
not a place for the prudish or squeamish as it does not care what you
think about its contents; it provides poetry in a raw state that says
what it wants without censure.  It is a UK based, not-for-profit
magazine that has a unique and ecclectic blend of pictures, poems
and prose.  Visit them if you have an open mind, stay away if you
are easily offended by adult concepts or real-world language.

ABCtales is a new online and offline magazine dedicated
to publishing and developing new creative writing.  It was
the brainchild of Big Issue founder, John Bird.  Anyone
with access to the internet can register free with ABCtales,
submit a story and gain exposure.  All submissions are
published online at  In addition,
they are launching in March 2001,
which will offer the same service to children 6-15 years old.

The Poetry Book Society
T S Eliot founded the Poetry Book Society in 1953 in order
to promote a love and understanding of contemporary poetry.
The PBS is now a unique membership organisation which
exists to keep people all over the world up to date with the
best new English language poetry being published in the UK
and Ireland today. The PBS is also a specialist book club
and a not-for-profit registered charity funded by the Arts
Council of England.

The Poetry Connection
Sylvia Shichman's Poetry website "connecting poets around
the world...a poetry newsletter listing editors and publishers
and also a publicity service for poets...helping poets to get
published."  Contests, greeting card directory, poetry, lyrics
and prose. "Poetry in Motion", founded with love as its basic

Index of Poets in Representative Poetry
University of Toronto Library of poetry

Peter Nicholson's Poetry
Poet Peter Nicholson has created a webpage that exhibits
his books, background and poetry.  Peter is an Australian Poet
who captures the essence of Australia with his poetry. A wonderful
change of pace for those interested in a view from "down-under" or
simply in the mood for some solid poetry.

Poetry Master
Poetry Master is a website by Dan Masterson, a poet with
four books of poetry recognized as being first class.  This site
offers assistance to poets in the form of review (three poems)
and recommendations for publication for a nominal fee.  This
website is recommended for those poets who feel they have
something noteworthy, but would like to polish it before sending
it off for final review to a publisher.  It is also for those poets who
would like to see the work of someone who already successful.

Poetry Magazine
Poetry Magazine is the oldest, most widely read monthly
devoted entirely to verse. Website featured poet changes
weekly. Info on current issue, subscriptions, and programs
of the Modern Poetry Association.

Berton Braley Cyber Museum
This site is dedicated to poet Berton Braley (1882-1966),
who was immensely poular in the 20's and 30's, and is often
quoted today.  Braley's style ranges from humoristic to
serious with a twinkle.  He was an artist of meter and rhyme
and had a great positive sense of life.  His subjects were
usually romance, adventure, business and human virtues.  This
site contains excerpts from thousands of his poems and
hundreds of his stories.

Shiki Internet Haiku
Haiku, links and more.

Introduction to Haiku
200 examples of classic Haiku, bios and more.

The Art of Haiku Poetry
History and description of Haiku, bibliography, links and more.

Mother Goose
Complete collection of Mother Goose Poetry

Cowboy Poetry
Cowboy Poetry & Story Tellin' You'll hear some of the
best cowboy poets in the country, spoutin' and spinnin'
yarns from the old west - and all in perfect rhyme and
meter - well, almost perfect!!.

Nanette's Guide to Poetry on the Net
Nanette's Guide to Poetry on the Internet Celebrates
National Poetry Month "When power leads man
towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations"

Library of Congress Favorite Poems
Information about the Favorite Poem program at the
Library of Congress

Monica's Expresso Cafe
Monica has created a wonderful place to "smell the coffee"
and relax yourself, while rejuvenating your poetic muse.
"Where the coffee's strong, the poetry sweet, and both linger
well into the early hours..."

Poetry and Links by Rose Braley
Come read my poems, get the hottest links to poetry
contests, get to know her, get to know her friends,
pictures are even available.

International Library of Poetry
UNITED KINGDOM The International Library
of Poetry - United Kingdom is a division of The
International Library of Poetry (USA), which was
founded in 1982 to promote the artistic
accomplishments of contemporary poets

The Intl Library of Poetry Contest
Enter your poetry. Thousands in prizes given away
every year. It's free!. Look here to see many poets
who have put their poetry on the web for all of the
world to see.

Elaine Preston's Home Page
Elaine is Professor of English and Assistant English
Department Chair at the Western Campus of Suffolk
Community College in Brentwood, N.Y.; a member
of Pennwriters, Poets and Writers, Long Island
Poetry Collective, and the National Association of
Poetry Therapy; and a recipient of a National Science
Foundation Fellowship in Linguistics at the University
of South Carolina, an Andrew Mellon Fellowship at
the Graduate Center of the City University of New
York, two Special Opportunity Stipend Awards
from the NY Foundation for the Arts (1994, 1996),
and the NY State Chancellor's Award for Excellence
in Teaching.

The Amateur Poets Society
"Hello! I hope that you are inspired by the poetry on
this page. I am always searching for poetry to be
displayed here, so if you are a poet of any sort and
backround please write me a letter to Jbuto@hotmail
.com and I will post your poetry on this site. If you
have any suggestions, ideas for this site please write
me, as I love to recieve your mail."

Stockton SJC Public Lib. Poetry Links
This site offers an exhaustive list of links to poetry sites
on the Internet.  If you are using a PC with sound
capabilities, you can even hear poets reading their own

The Poetry Circle
The Poetry Circle Home Page, A page where with a
message board to post Poetry, a chat room to talk to
other poets, Poetry events, and So Much More

The Poetry Library of Babel
Babel is a link collection and guide to poetry resources
on the Internet. At the moment, there are over 700
poets from over 50 countries. They have studied the
poetry information available on the net and tried to give
the best possible general picture of it.  This is the first
version of Babel - their plan is to enlargen the library
in the future by producing the information that is not
currently available.

Cyber Poetry that perfoms itself
Renowned Melbourne-born poet Komninos Zervos
has just commenced a unique new project as
Cyberpoet in Residence at Experimedia at the State

Schoolhouse: English & Language Arts
Lesson Plans: Photograph Lesson: Writing Poetry
(Grades 5 - 12) AskERIC Lesson Plan

Kristine George's Children's Corner
Children's author web site and resource for children's

G-Force Poetry
The Official Website of G-Force/T.K.P., Inc

Gracie's Place
A personal and professional site with links to other
poety sites.

The More Than Books Realm
The Pages of Ruth Solomon: A website dedicated to
the promotion of creative individuals and bringing their
works to the public.  A personal and professional site
with links to other poetry sites.

Lori's Links
FauxLamb has some wonderful links and references.
 She says: "because life is change and writing is
progressive process, new references will be added

Water Poetry
Tina Leanne Waugh has a delightful page with artwork,
links, poetry and other items of interest.  Certainly worth
a peek.

Cool Steam's Boiler Room
A personal site that tells a little about one of the

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