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  A clerihew is a light verse quatrain rhyming "aabb",
usually dealing with a person named in the first line.
For example:

   Sir Humphrey Davy
   Abominated gravy
   He lived in the odium
   Of having discovered sodium

  "This was the first clerihew written by Edmund
Clerihew Bentley (1875-1956). The English detective
story writer composed it while only a schoolboy,
according to his schoolmate G.K. Chesterton, "when
he sat listening to a chemical exposition, with his rather
bored air and a blank sheet of blotting paper before
him."  Bently, one of the few people to have a word
honoring his middle name, could in Chesterton's words
"write clear and unadulterated nonsense...with serious

(Robert Hendrickson, The Henry Holt Encyclopedia
of Word and Phrase Origins
, New York, NY)       


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