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   "(adj) 1. composed of Latin words mxed with
vernacular words or non-Latin words given Latin
2. composed of a mixetureof languages.
3. mixed; jumbled."
(Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the
English Language,
Gramercy Books, , New York, NY)  

   This device is sometimes used in poetry to either
parody an air of pseudo-sophistication or create a
humourous ending by allowing the completion of a
rhyme not otherwise possible. An example that
comes to mind is one invented by a friend and I
(during one of our 95 mile-each-way-commutes)
to describe the interuption of one's commute by the
California Hightway Patrol (CHP's or "Chips"):
The downfall of all of us
Is the Commutus Interruptus
Brought on by the Chipus
Who then Finus the Maximus


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