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 "Rondeau (ron'-do, or ron-do') 1. A lyrical poem
of French origin having 13, or sometimes, 10, lines
with two rhymes throughout,
and with the opening
phrase repeated twice as a refrain. Also called
   A Rondel (also called "roundel"), is a rondeau
that usually has 14 lines. [Middle English, from Old
French, "small-circle" (from the repetition of the first
lines at the end of the poem). fron ronde, rounde,
(American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language -
Houton Mifflin Company)

    "Rondeau: verse based on two rhyme sounds,
composed of ten or thirteen lines in three stanzas, in
whcih the opening words of the first stanza are used
as a refrain after the second and third stnazas.
    Rondel: short poem, usually of fourteen lines on
two rhymes, of which four are made up of the initial
couplet repeated in the middle and at the end."
(Random House Word Menu by Stephen Glazier  - Random
House N.Y.


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