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  We're Sorry

We are judging your poems on these images.
              (Click image to enlarge.)

    [Man and Dog]      [Girl and Rose]       [Mare and Colt]  

      [Boy and Dog]       [Sailboat]       [Sunrise/Sunset]

     We provide no additional background as we
wish you to bring only your knowledge, experience
and talents to your poem.  There are no restrictions
on style, form or length.  However, we will not
publish any poem deemed offensive to our editors.

     Poets selected for our publication will be notified
by email along with a request for a brief biography.  
All you need do to submit is write and send us your

     Selected poets will receive free copies of the
book containing their poem when published (see
Terms). Those poems selected for publication
will be listed in our Winner's Circle.

     Poets not selected may receive comments on
request, but the fact that your poem is not selected
is not an indication anything is actually "wrong" with
your poem. We are looking for a variety of styles,
forms and perceptions as we truly believe:

"Civilizations are defined by their
collective perceptions"

     We publish collections of images and poems on
a variety of themes.  If you have ideas for future
themes or wish to submit pictures for publication,
please read the applicable section under Terms

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